Quds Day: De-development of Palestine failing


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wahaj bani moufleh
Picture: Wahaj Bani Moufleh
It’s clear that the Arab leaders are in the pockets of the Western Zionists, and Palestinians should no longer depend on them for solidarity.
Palestinian political analyst, Professor Sa’d Nimer says that they know that ordinary Arab citizens support them, but that their governments have failed in their duties to defend Palestine against the Israeli occupation.
Nimer notes that the only way to beat the colonialist entity is to improve on its own tactics.
He says that the resistance has taken many forms, and while Palestinians are grateful for the international solidarity, their liberation is in their hands.
The Israeli regime has been systematically enforcing a strategy of the de-development of Palestine and its people.
Gazan journalist, Issam Adwan says that this is evident in the persecution of Palestinians, land theft, the stripping of their livelihoods, and attempts at demoralizing their resistance.
But Adwan says that Palestinians’ resistance is growing from various spheres, which is countering the Israeli propaganda.
He says that the world’s citizens can no longer turn a blind eye to the Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.
But it’s international governments that need to cut ties with the Israeli regime.

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May 18, 2022
Fajr Athaan


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