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Colonial powers have often used religion to obscure their intentions of oppression. This is according to Black Consciousness, and decoloniality scholar, Professor Rozena Maart. She was speaking as the world marks the International Day of the Oppressed, which seeks to highlight the injustices imposed on nations and societies. This day is also being marked as the Zionist Israeli entity is carrying out the genocide of Palestinians in Gaza. Zionists have usurped and twisted the teachings of the Jewish holy book, the Torah, to justify their brutal occupation of Palestine for the past 76 years.

Guest: Professor Rozena Maart, Black Consciousness, and decoloniality scholar

The United Nations Human Rights Council has adopted a non-binding resolution to ban arms exports to the Zionist entity. The resolution was passed with a majority of 28 to six votes. The countries that opposed the decision are two largest arms exporters to the entity, the United States, and Germany, as well as Paraguay, Malawi, Bulgaria, and Argentina. While the resolution is non-binding, it signals the growing isolation of the Zionist entity at various levels. This comes as German-Australian author, Antony Loewenstein, has highlighted how the Israeli military occupation of Palestine is being exported to other countries. He has written a book titled, The Palestinian Laboratory: How Israel Exports the Technology of Occupation around the World.

Guest: Antony Loewenstein, German-Australian author

Charges have been laid against a South African man who is believed to be serving in the Israeli occupation army as it commits genocide in Gaza. It’s understood that this individual has been on the ground in the besieged enclave and is actively participating in Israel’s atrocities against the Palestinian people. The man exposed his illegal dealings on his Instagram account. This is how the public became aware and initiated a petition and demanded he be arrested for breaking South African law.

Guest: Martin Jansen, Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC)

The Israeli war machine took a significant blow on October 7. On that fateful Saturday in 2023, the Palestinian people began their journey to reclaim the revolution against Israeli occupation. This special feature provides a brief reflection of the past six months of intensified resistance against Zionism.


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