Puff Adder Snake Confiscated In Pinati Estate, CT


A puff adder snake has been confiscated from a premises in Manlyn Walk, Pinati Estate.

City Law Enforcement officers were alerted to a man in the possession of the reptile in Hanover Park. It is alleged that a resident had brought the snake from Grabouw and then moved it to Pinati Estate. With the help of the local Neighbourhood Watch, officers were kept updated on the snake’s whereabouts.

Upon arrival at a house in Pinati Estate, a woman informed Law Enforcement that the unofficial snake handler was at the premises and that he had left for the Post Office. When questioned about whether any package was left in her care, she pointed to a drum but was unaware of its contents.

The highly venomous snake was removed from the property and taken to a place of safety. Circumstances surrounding the possession of the snake are being investigated.

[Picture: Supplied]


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