Public tired of empty promises made in SONA


[Picture: Radio 786/Gadija Davids]

The public seems to be reluctant to take President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) seriously. 

Radio 786 spoke to members of the public ahead of the address this evening, who expressed their disinterest in the President’s empty promises. They say each year promises get made, but little is done to materialise it. 

The amount of money spent on this year’s SONA has also been highlighted, with the public questioning why the government could not have hosted SONA from the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

Meanwhile, Deputy Minister in the Presidency Pinky Kekana says bringing Parliament to the centre has been the government’s mission since the advent of democracy. 

She adds that government has taken their approach a step further and reached out to communities before the annual State of the Address (SONA), to hear firsthand what issues the people need to be addressed. 

Kekana notes that without the role of the media, government would not be able to start bridging the gap between it and communities. 


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