Public participation open on SA Haj administration


Picture: @HaramainInfo / Twitter

The Ministerial Committee on Haj and Umrah has called on the public to submit substantiated written submissions on the issues that hamper the dignity of the holy pilgrimage for South Africans.

This as there have long been calls for the state to get involved, or to oversee the Haj.

The committee, headed by Ambassador Ebrahim Rasool, has given the public until the end of July to make their submissions.

It will also hold public hearings across the country once this year’s hujaaj return.

The Saudi government has also invited the Ministerial Committee to meet with various role-players from the Ministry of Haj & Umrah to the various bodies that host the pilgrims.

These meetings will take place just before this year’s Haj begins, and will include site visits to the SA camp, and observation of the support services for pilgrims.


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