Protestors demand to meet with Dan Plato at City Civic Centre


Members of the Intlungu yaseMatyotyobeni Movement are blocking the entrance to the Civic Centre. They say they will remain there until they meet with Mayor Dan Plato. He had scheduled to meet with them on Monday to hear their call for water, sanitation and electricity. The Movement is made up of people who had occupied land in Khayelitsha. The City says that the land is unsuitable for habitation and some of it had been set aside for infrastructure development.

The protest affecting key routes to Cape Town is in response to the lack of action from the City to address informal settlement residents’ demands. They belong to the Intlungu yaseMatyotyobeni Movement, which is a collective of people who have occupied land in Khayelitsha during the hard lockdown. The protest is affecting key routes which branch out from Khayelitsha. They had held a protest last week, with similar demands raised. They were meant to meet with Mayor Dan Plato this week. The residents are demanding access to water, sanitation and electricity.

However, the City had earlier said that the land occupiers are on property meant for infrastructural improvements. The land is also unsuitable for habitation.

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