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It’s believed that the building of a green economy will not only aid in the protection of the environment for future generations but will assist in among others the creation of jobs and reduction in health risks.

According to a waste sector analyst, opportunities within the organics, plastic and e-waste sectors have the potential to add between R0.5 billion and R1.1 billion in value to the Cape Town economy.

From building economies – Cape Town’s backyarders are in need of decent spaces and houses. In some instances up to eleven people are forced to live in a backyard – an untenable situation.

How will the parties will build a green economy, reduce the number of backyard dwellers and ensure early childhood development in poor communities?


  • Gerald Sijeur – President, United Progressive Party South Africa (UPROPSA)
  • Gabriel Campher – Leader, The Greens
  • Lauren Evanthia – Leader, The Organic Humanity Movement (OHM)
  • Faried Manan – Secretary General, United South Africa (USA)

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