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The public transport system in Cape Town is struggling. The train service is unreliable and is being targeted by vandals while buses are being robbed and the taxi industry continues to go through sporadic incidents of violence. In some instances, it has been deadly. This situation has heavily impacted residents who need to commute to and from work or school or any other destination.

Cape Town has majestic scenery and has a rich culture which has attracted tourists across the world. However, it appears that the tourism industry remains inaccessible for some. Tourism is considered as a key economic driver and job creator.

How will the parties rebuild the public transport system, open the tourism market to more communities and deliver proper sanitation?


  • Adrian Kay – Deputy leader, Cape Independence Party (CIP)
  • Phumzile Jack – Cape Metro coordinator, Black First Land First (BLF)
  • Yusuf Mohamed – Cape Town mayoral candidate, National Freedom Party (NFP)

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