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Working class residents of Cape Town have decried the high cost of municipal services, in particular electricity.

Some households are forced to make the tough choice between having food on the table or paying for power.

According to the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI) over the past two decades the price of services such as electricity and water have increased well above the inflation rate.

For those who use public transport to get to work, school or any other destination…it is also no easy task. Cape Town’s train service has been unreliable, taxis are sometimes locked in deadly violence and buses robbed. For those opting to use private vehicles they are left to contend with high traffic volumes.

Prime Talk debates access to affordable electricity, dealing with Apartheid’s spatial legacy and improving public transport in Cape Town.


  • Advocate Rod Solomons – Cape Town mayoral candidate, Credible Alternative 1st Movement (CA1st Movement)
  • Eric Ngubelanga – African Independent Congress (AIC)
  • Lulamile Bavuma – Economic Emancipation Forum (EcoForum)
  • Junade Hoosain – Cape Town mayoral candidate and leader, Democratic People’s Alternative (DPA)l

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