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Charity starts at home; and as a community radio station we see our broadcasting reach as that “home”. Radio 786 therefore often takes heed of the plight affecting our communities. The assistance provided to fire victims, and the funds raised for a three-year-old’s kidney transplant are just two examples of how the airwaves of 100.4fm have worked to shine a spotlight on a problem, and how the public rallied to help them. This is the power of a community broadcaster; a relationship with its audience that extends beyond quality radio content.

We constantly interact with our listeners and call upon them to support charitable drives in the community.  To facilitate such events, we’ve teamed up with organisations such as the Mustadafin Foundation, the South  African National Zakah Fund, Muslim Hands, the League of the Friends of the Blind (LOFOB), (Activists  Networking against the Exploitation of Children (ANEX), Habibia Orphanage, CANSA and Cape Mental  Health, among many others. 

Some of the charitable tasks undertaken with community involvement include: 

  • helping fire victims in Langa, Manenberg, Khayelitsha, and other informal settlements;
  •  assisting in the raising of funds for organisations that fulfil essential functions in the community;
  • playing an active role in helping to raise much needed funds for cochlear implants for Nur Mohammed Steenkamp (18), Sumaya Petersen (3), and Nizarah Adams (4); 
  • assisting in raising funds, non-perishable food items and clothing for the Anti-War Coalition (Western Cape) for the families of the Marikana victims; 
  • assisting sports clubs and individuals to realise their dreams by making tours possible by supporting initiatives to further sports development in our community.  

Community projects  

Our interaction with the community allows for listener participation in our affairs through programming,  outreach projects, events and outside broadcasts, using the active involvement of the community in  suggesting, developing, producing and presenting content-specific programmes. These are driven by people  involved in community organisations, or who are professionals and specialists in a particular area.  

Content-specific programmes, for example, include health, sports, environment, labour, religious, women,  disability, education and youth. People who produce and host these programmes are sports coaches, health  practitioners, religious leaders, workers from the informal sector and educators. We support these  participants by providing them with training in presentation, production and scripting skills. 

We are committed to working with the various stakeholders in the interest of the community we serve. 

The Parents Centre 

We have a monthly programme where social workers and psychologists from the Parent Centre are  resident guests on an Early Childhood Development Programme focusing on parenting and children from  six to sixteen years of age. The programme empowers parents to become more involved caregivers, while  the content aimed at children, provides them with tools to become better adults and parents. 

Islamic Medical Association (IMA) 

Our relationship with the IMA goes back to more than 10 years. The IMA provides Radio 786 with specialist  guests in the medical field for programmes focusing on specific topics like gynaecology, child care, diabetes,  mental illnesses etcetera. Listeners are given free advice about their specific problems and are encouraged  to interact with the experts by either calling into the programme, or sending an SMS. 

People’s Parliament  

This unique initiative was born from our coverage of the run-up to the 2009 national elections. During the  elections, political parties requested airtime for their election campaigns and we decided to give the  community direct access to them by broadcasting their messages directly and also organised live outside  broadcasts in the communities they serve. These were held at community halls, churches, and town centres.  People were allowed to engage directly with political parties and had the opportunity to ask pertinent  questions about issues affecting them. 

This initiative was such a success that it went beyond the 2009 national elections. The community now  looks to us provide them with this opportunity throughout the year, so it is now a part of our programming  and deals with crime, abortion, gangsterism, and land reform amongst other issues. Outside broadcasts in  crime ridden areas of the Cape Flats, engage religious leaders, local councillors, the police, community  organisations, schools and clinics to discuss issues affecting them. 

Western Cape Education Department (WCED) 

Our Matric Revision programme has been broadcast for the past 13 years., offering revision and discussion  using past examination papers, giving guidance on how to approach the examinations, helping parents better  assist their children, and has also dealt with the psychological aspects of examinations. It’s produced and  presented by our staff, together with curriculum advisors and expert teachers, every day for three months  before the matric examination.  

In 2009, the WCED showed interest in our programme and funded and allowed for it to be broadcast to 12  community radio stations and Radio 2000 from the Government Communications and Information Services  (GCIS) studios in Cape Town.  


Community events

As an extension of our broadcasting operations, we recognise the need to host functions relevant to the  community. It is also an opportunity for us to interact with our listeners, strengthening the relationship.  

It can create revenue-generating opportunities for us and the local business community. The successful  hosting of such events gives businesses like Bokomo (ProNutro), Tigerbrands, Oasis Asset Management,  Pakco, and others the confidence to spend their advertising budget with community radio stations and  enhances the relationship between the business and community broadcasters, and empowers them both. 

Some of our annual events are: 

Radio 786 Health Fair 

The annual Radio 786 Health Fair has become a permanent feature on Capetonians’ events diary. It was  developed from our Healthwise programme, which introduces listeners to alternative healers in the  community.  

Therapies, such as Shiatsu, Bowen Technique and Hot stone therapy amongst others, are provided at a  reduced rate at the fair. Free advice on health-related queries is offered and the Ibn Sina Institute of Tibb  provides a holistic approach to healthy living and shares their knowledge with the community.  

The Fair also provides the public access to mainstream medical institutions such as the Islamic Medical  Association, Western Province Blood Service and the University of the Western Cape Sport Science  Department, Blood Service and the University of the Western Cape. 

Recently we introduced a 7.86 km run/walk as a part of the Health Fair, which invites Capetonians to  engage in a healthier lifestyle through exercise.  

The City of Cape Town partnered with us as part of the City’s plan for a healthier Western Cape. Diabetes  South Africa was a beneficiary of this event.   

Radio 786 Ramadaan Expo 

This is an event that offers both our listeners and business community an opportunity to enjoy the spiritual  and cultural aspects of this auspicious month. It also encourages the community to support local business  and invites people of different faiths to explore Islam. 

Welcome Hujaaj 

Welcoming the hujaaj (pilgrims) home from Makkah after the annual hajj is a tradition that has been  observed regularly over the years. The Welcoming Hujaaj programme formalises that tradition with  speeches and accounts by persons of all ages who have embarked on this significant experience. The event is  normally attended by more than a 1000 people and we have been the hosts for the past 13 years.  Investment Company, Oasis Asset Management, has sponsored the event for the past 10 years. 

During the last decade we have facilitated the spiritual journey for deserving community members who  under normal circumstances would not be able to afford it. To date we’ve covered the costs of 19 members  of the community to realise this dream. 

Annual Gala Dinner 

Our Gala Dinners have become a sought after event, where both advertisers and listeners look forward to  an occasion to enjoy a relaxing evening with good food, great entertainment and an opportunity to network  with other businesses in the company of Radio 786 staff and presenters. 

Fasting for the Love of Allah 

Fasting during Ramadaan is incumbent on all Muslims, teaching them compassion for others who are less  fortunate, while strengthening their relationship with their Creator. While the Fasting for the Love of Allah  event is a celebration of this lesson, it’s also a proud moment for children and their families.  

The event promotes and encourages children from the ages of five and older to fast during the month of  Ramadaan. Children are honoured for participating in the holy month and receive a certificate, signed by  their parents and Radio 786, acknowledging that they have fasted for the entire month. This event also  acknowledges reverts who have fasted for the first time. They are also given a gift bag containing treats,  educational material, and a prayer CD, encouraging the importance of education.  

Islamic Art 

Radio 786 has always been committed to encouraging the development of arts and culture in the  community and redressing the consequences of the past. 

This resulted in an Islamic Art Exhibition showcasing the talents of Radio 786 staff members, featuring a  selection of their paintings. Most staff members had never engaged with art before and so before the event  they attended art classes hosted by one of the top Muslim artists in the community.  

Art pieces from the broader community were also on show and the event was attended by some  recognised artists in the Muslim community and was covered on national television. 

Following onto this we now also offer painting and calligraphy as an activity at all our fundraising events. 

Others events include:  

Family Fun Day, Surf Walk, Business Breakfast, High Tea, Muharram Breakfast and Mass Moulood.

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