Politics & Promises: Al Jama-ah, AM4C, PMC, SUN


Picture: Radio 786

It’s safe to say that the politicking has reached new heights as we draw closer to election day. You may have already decided on which party you will place your trust, but there may be some of you who are still undecided. Are you seeking a party that aligns with your religious values, or are you just looking for an alternative to parties that have been in governance for the past three decades? The parties joining us this morning are going to battle it out in order to convince you, the voter, choose them. 

In this debate:

  • Professor Muhammad Haron, the Al Jama-ah Premier Candidate for the Western Cape 
  • Faizal Sayed, the Allied Movement for Change Premier Candidate in this province 
  • Marius Fransman, the People’s Movement for Change Premier Candidate, and party leader 
  • And Nazier Cassiem, the Sizwe Ummah Nation’s Premier Candidate 



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