Petition signed by some 600 people against Brackenfell High


Some 600 people have signed an open letter addressed to the principal and School Governing Body (SGB) of Brackenfell High School. The letter urged the school to investigate allegations of racism. This comes as Brackenfell High alumni believe that the healing cannot commence until the matter is addressed.

The petition acknowledges a letter written by the school whereby it expresses regret for the pain inflicted on pupils of colour. However, the alumni noted that stating however that the deep-seated racism should be investigated by a retired judge or senior counsel.

Earlier this month, protesting EFF members were violently attacked by residents for picketing near the school over an apparent matric function that excluded pupils of colour. The function was allegedly organized by the parents and not the school. A week later, a protest organized by the Pan Africanist Congress (PAC) was abruptly halted.

Header image: Radio 786


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