People’s Power Manifesto Cries for “Decent Lives”


A People’s Power manifesto has been unveiled.

Cry of the Xcluded that seeks to unite the working class – both employed and unemployed says this manifesto is cry for decent lives as the country prepares for the November municipal elections.

The organisation explains that while South Africa is at the edge of a cliff with rising unemployment, violence and hunger the dominant political parties persist with giving the voter ‘more-of-the-same’ empty promises. But the People’s Power manifesto insists that it seeks overhaul the running of local government.

It advocates for democratic people-controlled municipalities where services are delivered in quantity and quality to communities. It says there should be no disconnections to services if people are unable to pay.

It has called for a greater chunk of the national budget to be allocated to municipalities so that they can be well financed. It proposes higher taxes on the very rich and corporations.

Cry of the Xcluded is linked to labour unions Saftu, and Amcu.

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