Parties plan to amend Funding Act


Picture: IEC

Civil society organisations have raised concern about attempts by political parties to undermine and repeal the Political Party Funding Act.

My Vote Counts says that the ANC’s leadership has recommended that its parliamentarians lobby other parties to support plans to amend the act.

It comes as the deadline looms for the third set of political party funding disclosures are set to be published.

The ANC is proposing that the annual donation threshold for disclosure increases to between R 250 000 and R 500 000.

My Vote Counts is concerned that party members and politicians have been bribed for less than R 100 000 as was seen through testimony at the Zondo Commission.

The current limit for non-disclosure  donations stands at R 100 000.

The civil society organisations want political parties to defend transparency and the work done to route out corruption.


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