Parents Of Abused Baby Who Sustained Broken Ribs Convicted


Parents of an abused baby have been convicted for assaulting their child in the Gauteng High Court. 

When the Baby T, as she is known was just two months old, she was rushed to the hospital for the first time with several broken ribs. Three months later, and the baby sustained more than 30 fractures. She is now a year and a half.

The parents, both in their 20s were acquitted on a charge of attempted murder. When delivering the judgment, Judge Hennie de Vos noted that he isn’t convinced that the parents wanted to cause the child’s death.

However, due to circumstantial evidence from various doctors who testified, it indicated that the infant was severely assaulted last year. The parents were also convicted of child neglect. 

[Picture: Zelda Venter]


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