Parents in LA, USA protest Pride Month event at local school


[Picture: Caitlin Hernandez / LAist]

Parents at a Los Angeles primary school have taken a firm stance against their children’s school hosting a Pride Month event.

June is regarded as a month whereby being gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender is celebrated.

The Saticoy Elementary School was planning on reading a book to learners about some children having “two mommies and two daddies”. Director of the San Fernando Valley LGBTQ Centre took part in the school’s assembly saying they wanted to show “their love, respect and unity”.

Concerned parents criticized the school’s choice of programming, labelling it as indoctrination and inappropriate for children. However, parents were met with opposition by pro-LGBTQ+ activists who were celebrating the school’s efforts to promote “inclusivity”.

The parents held placards reading “leave our kids alone”, “parents’ choice matters” and “there is no pride in indoctrination”.

They added that schools teaching children about same-sex couples simply reflected the reality of American life today.


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