Palestinian students confront Israeli distortion campaign


[Picture: QNN]

In an act of defiance Palestinians schools have staged a general strike in Al Quds over an Israeli campaign to censor and distort their textbooks.

The Zionists in that part of the occupied areas want to impose a so-called curriculum on Palestinians. A similar practice the apartheid regime is South Africa sought to achieve through Bantu education – an inferior education system.

The Palestinian National and Islamic Forces in Al Quds which is leading the strike has called on international institutions step in to protect Palestinian education. It has vowed to continue the protest and escalate it, if the Israeli occupation municipality of Al-Quds does not stop meddling in the students’ “right to learn their narrative and history.

Earlier this year the Israeli occupation ministry of education barred six schools from operating for a year due to what it called ‘incitement’ in Palestinian textbooks.

The Israeli campaign is seen part of a larger Zionist project to strip Al Quds of its Palestinian and Muslim identity and alter history.


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