Palestinian resistance will protect Jenin


Picture: 23-year-old Hussein Khalayeh from Al Khalil / supplied

The Palestinian resistance movement, Hamas says that the car-ramming incident in Tel Aviv, is just the first of several responses to the Israeli attacks on Palestinians.

The act of resistance comes as the Zionist forces are trying to destroy the Jenin camp, but the Palestinian fighters have proved effective in keeping the Israelis at bay.

A total of 10 colonisers have been injured in the act of resistance in Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian was reportedly dressed in military gear when he carried out the resistance operation.

An armed Israeli shot and killed the martyr.

He has since been identified as 23-year-old Hussein Khalayeh from Al Khalil.

Hamas’ spokesperson, Hazem Qasem says that the occupation regime will pay the price for its crime against the people in Jenin camp.

This resistance action in Tel Aviv has also been hailed as a signal that there is coordination between the resistance groups across the occupied lands.

A total of ten Palestinians has been murdered in Jenin since the regime began its operations there yesterday.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu says that the operation will continue indefinitely.


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