Palestine strikes back


Picture: Quds News Network

The Palestinian resistance has fired 26 missiles at Israeli targets in the occupied lands, and the regime’s so-called ‘Iron Dome’ has only intercepted nine of them.

These missiles are in response to the brutal Israeli airstrikes that have killed 17 Palestinians since yesterday.

The latest victim is a 25-year-old from Khan Yunis in Gaza Strip and two others seriously injured.

The Israeli brutal murder of Palestinian families comes, as five colonial settlers have been injured in retaliatory strikes.

The Zionist regime claims that its airstrikes are meant to be a deterrent to the Islamic Jihad movement.

It follows the Israeli murder of activist, Khader Adnan last week.

He was on hunger strike for 86 days, in protest against his unjustified abduction and open-ended detention by the Zionist occupiers.

He succumbed to his illness, which Palestinians say could have been prevented if his captors had given him proper treatment.

Meanwhile, these attacks on Gaza and other parts of the occupied lands, come in the week leading up to the 75th commemoration of the Nakba (Catastrophe).

It marks the day on which Zionist gangs brutally removed Palestinians from their homes.

Professor at Birzeit University, Sa’d Nimr notes that the violence that Palestinians experience today is an extension of the Nakba.


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