Over 40 killed in new “Israeli” massacre in central Gaza


The Israeli settler colonial entity has committed what Gaza’ s Government Media Office has described as a heinous massacre in central Gaza. It says the Zionist military killed 40 people when it bombed four houses. Over a hundred people were injured.

More than 90% of the victims are women and children. Gazan authorities say they hold the US administration, international community, and the Israeli occupation entity fully responsible for this ongoing genocidal crime against the Palestinian people.

In less than five months the US backed Israeli war machine has slaughtered over 29,400 Palestinians. That number is said to be higher as thousands are still missing, many under the rubble. Majority of those killed by Israel are women and children.

Entire families have also been wiped out. Nearly 70 000 have been maimed and wounded. Israel is also starving the more than two million Palestinians in Gaza as it tries to break their will to continue to fight for freedom.


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