Over 100 Israel occupation soldiers dead in Gaza


(Picture: Wafa News Agency)
The Israeli occupation army has admitted to death of more than 100 soldiers since the start of its ground invasion into Gaza. Zionist media have described this as an unbelievable number. But it’s believed the real number of killed and injured soldiers is much higher. The Zionist entity has a history of suppressing these numbers due to the impact it will have on public morale. Israeli occupation media have said that the current war with Gaza is the fiercest it has experienced since the establishment of Israeli settler colonial entity.
On October 7th for the first time the Palestinian resistance struck the Israeli enemy in the occupied territories with hundreds of fighters streaming into its illegal settlements and taking prisoners of war. An operation that shook Zionist Israel and its allies including the US as it obliterated any sense of so-called security it believed it had. The occupation entity is said to be living on borrowed time.
[Picture: Wafa News Agency]


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