Over 100 drunk motorists arrested in Cape Town


(Picture: www.legalsmart.my)

Alarm has been raised over the high number of drunk drivers on Cape Town’s roads.

At least 127 drunk motorists were arrested last week, almost double the previous week. The City’s Traffic Service nabbed just over a hundred of them while the rest were detained by metro police.

The City’s Mayco member for Safety and Security JP Smith says the carnage on the roads, their enforcement and numerous appeals are clearly not deterring drivers who are hell bent on getting behind the wheel drunk. He says it’s disheartening to see such absolute disregard for the law. However, Smith has vowed that officers will continue to crackdown on drivers who clearly don’t care for their own lives or those of other road users.

On Sunday a youngster who was allegedly drunk and has no license drove recklessly in Bonteheuwel killing a young woman, Tatum Hendricks. She was hit with such impact that her body was flung on to the roof of a house. He also knocked another person and drove into two properties.

The 32-year-old man has since been arrested.


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