UPDATES Operation Al-Aqsa Flood [Day 2]

Hamas representative in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan: We have confiscated strategic documents of “Israel” which outline names of spies for the Zionist regime in Gaza and across Palestine. Documents also contain plans of the regime and its military apparatus.

First US shipment of weapons arrives in Occupied Palestine (Israel) from al-Hassan air base in Jordan

Hamas resistance leader, Abu Ubayda: Israeli killed a group of its own soldiers which were captured as prisoners of war by Hamas

Hamas: The US moving their aircraft carrier does not scare us. The US administration must realise the consequences of its step.

Demonstrations in solidarity of the Palestinian resistance is set to be held in Cape Town and Gauteng in the coming days. The Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) says it’s against Israeli apartheid and settler colonialism.

A picket is scheduled to take place outside the Cape High Court on Monday at 9:30am. It coincides with the handing down of judgement in the Imam Abdullah Haron inquest. The anti-apartheid activist was murdered at the hands of the oppressive regime.

Al-Nakhala: Victory is but an hour’s patience. We will fight. We will continue to fight. With our will and sacrifices, we will change the equations.

Al-Nakhala: The Israeli enemy tries to restore morale by destroying Gaza’s homes and buildings and killing civilians, but the coming days will shatter this illusion and this madness.

Al-Nakhala: We have more than 30 Israeli settlers in our custody. They will not return to their homes until all of our prisoners are liberated without exception.

Al-Nakhala: The Al-Aqsa Flood operation revealed the weakness of the enemy and struck them with hysteria and paralysis.

It has become clear that the enemy is breakable. In fact, it broke down and sought help in the first hours from its ally, America, the head of evil in the world.

Islamic Jihad Secretary General Ziad Al-Nakhala: These are days of honor and glory on the borders of Palestine from Gaza to the West Bank, a radiant page with the brightest image of unity and integration between the resistance forces.


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