Numsa congress in question as court upholds ruling


Picture: Numsa / Twitter

Numsa has lost its bid to appeal a Labour Court interdict that prevented the convening of the union’s national congress.

Last week, Judge Graham Moshoana sided with Numsa’s suspended members to halt the election of new leaders.

They had raised concern about toxic leadership, and financial mismanagement.

But the congress kicked off yesterday, despite the court order, even electing leadership.

Mbuso Ngubane has been elected as the union’s new deputy general secretary.

However, he has a tainted past.

In 2015, Ngubane was charged with fraud and extortion for forcing an employee of the union to hand over a large portion of his salary to him monthly.

The CCMA then ordered that he repays the employee, who Ngubane later fired.

Now the Labour Court has reiterated that Numsa had defied its order, despite claiming to have satisfied all the requirements of the court concerning their central committee’s infringement of the union’s constitution.


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