Nominate Someone Deserving for Hajj: The Timeless Journey


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The beauty of life is found in its simplicity. Like the laughter of children or the smell of summer rain. It is that joyful feeling when your grandchildren run into your arms with warm smiles. It is also the ability to love and to be loved. There is so much to be thankful for. As we recently entered the new Islamic Year 1443 AH, we do so with greater appreciation and gratitude. Let our motto for this year be: Gratitude is our Attitude.

As the Covid-19 pandemic spreads across the world and changes the landscape, it has brought along many valuable lessons. One of which is to acknowledge and appreciate all our loved ones. 

Sadly, so many family, community members and friends have succumbed to Covid-19. Shanaaz Parker was one of our near and dear who passed away due to this virus.  She was accredited to perform her Fard Hajj in 2020, but was unable to do so.  Allah knows best.

Shanaaz was a culinary expert, an author, a TV and Radio Presenter and an entrepreneur. She partnered with Ramadaan Kareem, Muslim Views and various other sponsors and donors on a project in 2006 called Hajj: The Timeless Journey. They successfully selected 10 Hujaaj from all over South Africa, to experience their dream of performing their Fard Hajj. This was realised through the sales of her ‘Indulge’ recipe book.

Before Shanaaz Parker returned to Allah in December 2020, her last wish was the continuation of Hajj: The Timeless Journey. Her daughter Rehana Parker Sayed, is now leading this Project to send deserving Hujaaj on their Fard Hajj in 2022/23.  This is to be realised through the sales of the Recipe Books, Fusion, Indulge, Innovativ’ and the 8 books of the Indulge Recipe Collection. This falls under the banner of ‘The Shanaaz Parker Legacy Projects’. Muslim Views and Radio 786 are proud partners to this Project.

Hajj 2021 was limited to residents of all nationalities and citizens, inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Haramain.Info, a total of 58 518 Hujaaj completed their Hajj. May Allah accept their Hajj, Aameen. This was conducted under strict Covid-19 protocol conditions. There was a marked increase of Hujaaj compared to Hajj 2020.  As the vaccine roll out continues, more information will be revealed regarding Hajj 2022. May Allah continue to guide us.

So I once again ask the question. Where does this leave Hajj: The Timeless Journey? The answer remains the same. We will continue with our Amaanah, do our due diligence and ‘tie our camel’.  It is our Niyyah that the selected Hujaaj will receive an all-expense paid Hajj in 2022/23 which include air tickets, airport taxes, accommodation, food and spending money. We call on businesses who would like to become part of this Project to contact Rehana Parker Sayed on 083 4444 342 or email [email protected]

Support us by purchasing a set of 4 Indulge Recipe Collection books at R99 from the following outlets:

  • From the sales of these books, we will be realising the Hajj dreams of those less fortunate. All net proceeds raised from the sale of the books will be used to finance the Hajj of a number of deserving Hujaaj who are unable to afford the costs of this sacred journey.
  • Spar Stores (Kromboom, Ottery, Grassy Park, Groote Schuur, Kensington, Strandfontein)
  • Big Boy Crockery (Lansdowne)
  • Sawants Creations (Rylands)
  • Chickro (Grassy Park and Parow)
  • Rehana Parker Sayed on 083 4444 342

Nominate a deserving family member or friend using the following criteria:
  • 60 years and older
  • Has never performed Hajj before
  • Has made Niyyah to perform Hajj
  • Has applied for Hajj Accreditation through SAHUC
  • Has the Covid-19 vaccine
  • Financially not able to afford the cost of the Hajj

We invite you to nominate a deserving individual, albeit a family member, friend, colleague or community worker.  Be that small miracle and become part of the nomination process. Be courageous and nominate with kindness to build a new beginning for someone who has made their Niyyah to perform their Fard(compulsory) Hajj, but who are not financially by the means to do so.


The selection panel of Hajj: The Timeless Journey places its trust in Allah, for Allah knows best.

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May 19, 2022
Fajr Athaan


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