Nasrallah: Israel weak, US the real aggressor


Picture: Al Manar
America is the one bombing Gaza and killing Palestinians. This has become evident from the moment the resistance launched Operation Al Aqsa Flood. This assertion from Hezbollah Secretary Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, comes as he spoke for the first time since October 7. While the speech has been watched by the friends and enemies of the Palestinians, Nasrallah did not mince his words. He noted that it is clear from who is funding, arming, and supporting the Israelis, that the regime is indeed weaker than a Spider’s Web, and would have fallen in the first days of Operation Al Aqsa Flood. Now he was speaking as the Axis of Resistance is taking on several key American points in the region. And in support of the people of Gaza, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq, have targeted a site in the occupied Umm al Rashrash (‘Eilat’ settlement). This is the first time that the Islamic Resistance has targeted sites inside the occupied lands.


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