Nakba in numbers


  • 750 000 – 950 000

    The number of Palestinians forcibly expelled from their homes

  • 27 000

    Amount of square kilometers of land usurped by Zionist gangs. This was 85% of historic Palestine.

  • 700

    Villages stolen from Palestinians

  • 531

    Villages entirely destroyed; their cultural and historic identity erased

  • 70

    Massacres committed against Palestinians by Zionist militias

  • 15 000

    Estimated number of Palestinian martyrs during the 1948 period

  • 25 000

    Arab fighters from various countries tried to confront the Zionist aggression. These included from Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and others.

  • 150 000

    The number of Palestinians who remained in their cities and villages, upon which the Zionist entity was established.

  • 58

    Refugee camps both in Palestine (Gaza and West Bank) and Jordan, Syria and Lebanon

  • 75

    Amount of years it took for the United Nations to realise and commemorate the Nakba


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