My apartheid diary, book review with Sedick Crombie


Are you one of the Youth of the 70s and 80s? You’ve been telling your kids about your years of fighting the Apartheid government.
They look at you in disbelief, because all they see in documentaries, museums and statues are others fighting the Apartheid regime.
Then the Kaaf Trust publishes a book authored by our very own, Sedick Crombie titled My Apartheid Diary.

You page through the book and discover pictures and places described, that you were part of and your heart skip a beat and the tears well up. Your subconscious where all those memories were pushed in has now been awoken.

This is a must-have publication for all the youth of the 70s and 80s. Here your kids can see and read what the journey to “freedom” was all about. In this segment of Review of the Arts Dr Omar Esau reviews the book My Apartheid Journey with Author Sedick Crombie, hosted by Shanaaz Gool Hamit.

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