International News: Multifaceted influences leads to unrest in Nigeria


While Nigeria has been affected by protests recently, the country is still dealing with insurgency. This past weekend saw the gruesome massacre of farmers in northeastern Nigeria, claiming 110 lives. The attack took place in the early afternoon, in the village of Koshobe and other rural communities in the Jere local government area near Maiduguri, which is the capital of the conflict-hit Borno state.

The Executive Secretary of the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), Tony Ojukwu, has meanwhile called on the Federal Government to adopt better measures to protect the lives of the ever vulnerable Nigerians in conflict areas.

For analysis on this matter, we’re joined by Nigerian socio-political analyst and public commentator Abdulrahman Abu Hamisu of the Centre for Political Research, Education and Development…

Header image: Reuters India


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