Mourners gather for Gaza martyrs’ janazas


Picture: Quds News Network

Preparations are underway for the janazas of Tareq Izz al-Din and his two children who were killed by the Israeli regime this morning.

The Zionists launched airstrikes into the besieged Gaza Strip, targeting Palestinians as they slept.

Al-Din and his children, Mayar and Ali, were killed, while other family members were injured.

Today’s attacks killed 13 Palestinians.

This as resistance group, Lions’ Den, has warned the regime that there will be unprecedented retaliatory attacks after the assassination of three high-profile fighters in Gaza.

The group’s statement also warned the regime that the gates of hell will be opened from Nablus.

This West Bank town has also been the target of Israeli occupation forces.

They bombed the home of a resistance fighter, which also saw freedom fighters responding by bombing an Israeli military convoy.


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