Motsoaledi: ANC needs clear policy on immigration


Picture: @MyANC / Twitter

The African National Congress (ANC) does not have clear policies on immigration, which has impacted how the party deals with this issue.

Speaking to the SABC on the sidelines of the party’s policy conference, NEC member, Aaron Motsoaledi notes that there must be an overhaul of the country’s immigration system.

He says that since 1994, the ANC has not developed a plan to deal with immigration.

His comments come as there has been a resurgence of anti-migrant sentiments in South Africa.

Several groups accuse migrants of taking advantage of the perception that foreign labour is cheaper, and are therefore employed over citizens.

Motsoaledi, as Minister of Home Affairs, has also been part of a process to root out undocumented migrants in South Africa.

But his department has been part of the problem, as it has failed to assist asylum seekers and migrants when they apply for documentation at Home Affairs offices.


Motsoaledi has also lamented the high number of fraudulent marriages in South Africa.

He says that this comes to at least 2 000 cases.

Motsoaledi says the policy conference will be looking into whether marriage should be linked to immigration.

He contends that too often, foreign nationals are marrying South Africans just so that they can live in the country, and speed up their residency process.

Motsoaledi says that linking marriage to residency also opens many women up to abuse, while others are not even aware that they have been illegally married.


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