More than 3860 learners unplaced in W.C for 2022


[Picture: File / Radio 786]

More than 3860 students still have not been placed in Western Cape schools.

It comes as the start of the academic year kicks off next week. Western Cape schools reopen on the 12th January 2022.

Spokesperson for the Western Cape Education Department (WCED) Bronagh Hammond says 602 Grade 1 learners still need to be placed, and 3261 Grade 8 learners.

“Our main focus is finding placement for the Grade 8 cohort. The WCED is preparing itself for last-minute applications which derails the department’s planning. However, the WCED is trying to accommodate all parents whose children haven’t been placed in a school yet” says Hammond.

The WCED has urged parents to be patient if their child hasn’t been placed in a school.


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