MJC rejects Education Department’s call for ‘unisex’ toilets


[Picture: Rhodes University]

There is growing objection to the potential introduction of genderless or unisex toilets and changing rooms at schools.

The Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) has added its opposition saying while they remain respectful of diversity of opinions, they deem this new trend of thrusting the LGBTQ narrative, liberalism, and post-modernity upon people, as a violation of their rights as Muslims and the rights of all other religious denominations.

It believes that this trend is gaining ground due to the existence of “cancel culture”. A concept where those with a differing view are ostracized, often for not toeing mainstream narratives.

The MJC says these onslaughts attack the very fabric and institution of the family construct, and more so, the very right of God Himself.

Parents have been called to engage the schools their children attend and voice their dissatisfaction.

The Basic Education Department has said that the proposed guidelines are expected to be published next year for consultation.


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