MJC heads into leadership battle – again


Sheikh Irfaan Abrahams is once again taking the Muslim Judicial Council to court over the uncontested election of Sheikh Riyaad Fataar to the position of the organisation’s president.


Sheikh Abrahams submits that the MJC is in violation of an earlier High Court order relating to the election of new leadership.


Radio 786 is also in possession of a letter submitted to the MJC by Sheikh Achmat Sedick, who questions the process through which Sheikh Fataar was appointed.


Sheikh Sedick contends that the MJC’s Electoral Commission is compromised due to its alleged procedural irregularities.


He notes that Sheikh Fataar, who served as the MJC’s second deputy president, should first have resigned before standing for the position of president.


This as he also received a salary for his role previous role.


Sheikh Sedick also questions why the MJC Electoral Commission did not inform the general majlis of the vacancy in the presidency position before Sheikh Fataar was appointed unopposed.


Radio 786 awaits Sheikh Fataar’s response to these claims.


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