Ministers fail to lead on Transnet wage dispute


Picture: Freight News

Government has once again failed to provide constructive guidance as the wage dispute at Transnet edges closer to a second week.

The strike has impacted several sectors of the country’s economy, including the export of agricultural goods.

The Ministers of Public Enterprises, Labour, and Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development engaged with representatives of affected role players this week.

They’ve called for them to find a speedy resolution to this impasse and for parties to continue to engage and, employ the facilitation services of the CCMA.

In a joint statement, the ministers noted that South Africa cannot afford further job losses in other sectors of the economy and the interruption of imports and exports.

Critics have long warned that Transnet is headed in the same direction as Eskom, as its also failed to conduct proper maintenance of its infrastructure.

Meanwhile the wage dispute points to a parastatal unable to maintain its highly-skilled staff.


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