Millions Exposed as US Military buys Muslim Pro Data


The loopholes in software regulations are being exploited. IT specialist, Mustapha Ballim says that users must be vigilant when downloading apps.

He was speaking as the data of people who use popular Muslim prayer and Quran app, Muslim Pro, have had their sensitive information sold to the US military, without their consent.

The US based online magazine and video channel Motherboard reports that the military collects and buys this information through two streams, which are Babel Street and X-Mode.

It says Babel Street creates a product called Locate X, which is linked to a US military branch tasked with carrying out so called special operations abroad.

Now Bitsmedia, the Singapore-based tech company that launched the world’s most popular Muslim lifestyle app has detailed the terms and conditions of using their product.

It says that if users refuse to share their sensitive personal data with Bitsmedia, they will no longer be able to use their product. It also says that users’ personal data will be used by third-party companies.

[Header image: Rob Dobi]


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