Looting of Syria and Yemen’s crude oil


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The US continues with its plunder of Syria’s resources.

According to the Syrian news agency Sana just over 120 tankers laden with stolen oil crossed into neighboring Iraq, through the illegal Mahmoudiya border. An area where the US occupation forces and trainers are based. The theft is reported to have aided by US backed militants in Syria’s northeastern province of Hasakah.

Russia and Syria’s Joint Coordination Committees on repatriation of Syrian refugees has lambasted the looting saying its responsible for dire humanitarian situation of the Syrian people. It has called on the international community and Syria’s neighbours to put in place measures to end to this smuggling.

Data from the Syrian Ministry of Oil and Mineral Resources shows that the Arab country had a produced a total of some 14 million barrels of oil in the first half of this year. This while the US occupation forces and their allied militants plundered 66,000 barrels of crude oil during the same period.

Meanwhile, there are concerns that Yemeni crude oil is being stolen.

It’s reported that a Greece flagged tanker looted some two million barrels of oil. According to Yemen’s official news agency Saba the vessel departed from the Dabba oil export port in the eastern province of Hadhramaut. The port is under the control of the United Arab Emirates and its allied militants.

The tanker is apparently destined for a port in China’s Shandong province.

Saudi Arabia backed by the US unleashed a devastating war on Yemen in 2015 in an attempt to install a favourable government. But it has been met by a fierce Yemeni resistance.


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