Looking for knowledge, virtue, and civilization? Get it at IPSA


[Picture: Masjid Pogung/Unsplash]

The International Peace College of South AFRICA is the first Islamic institution registered by the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) in South Africa.

They offer accredited programmes, a BA and Higher Certificate in Islamic Studies, Bachelor of Arts Honours in Islamic Studies, and Master of Arts in Applied Islamic Thought.

Knowledge, Virtue, and Civilization is the moto at the International Peace College of South Africa. A tertiary institution that is located in the beautiful Mother City. In the heart of surrounding communities known for its rich Muslim history, heritage, and culture.

Education Beyond 94’ is the program here to always give and offer you the tools and help with the steps in the right directions when it comes to your education.

Guests: HOD Student’s Affairs, Sheikh Faghrudin Owaisi, Intake Officer, Mualimah Aisha Adjiet, and Exams operator, Mualimah Fayruz Patton Ajam.


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