Calls to deal with exploitation of immigrant farmworkers


An agricultural union believes the unrest in the Western Cape town of Robertson is a natural consequence of the inhumane working and living conditions that farmworkers must endure.

The Commercial Stevedore Agricultural and Allied Workers Union says farmers must be held to account for how the continued exploitation of vulnerable workers is destabilising the sector.

Csaawu was responding to the recent clashes between Lesotho and Zimbabwean nationals in Nkqubela. Locals have also protested about being sidelined for jobs. The union notes that the growing prevalence of labour brokers in the sector seem to favour the contracting immigrant farmworkers. They are said to be exploited for their cheap labour.

The Employment and Labour Minister has been called to urgently intervene to find long term sustainable solutions about the use of labour brokers and their impact on the agricultural sector.


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