Khalied Parker suspects caught on camera


Picture: screengrab

The janazah of 40-year-old Khalied Parker has taken place after he was murdered in Lansdowne yesterday morning.

Radio 786 is in possession of video footage that has since surfaced of the incident.

The footage shows Parker walking towards a building in Imam Abdullah Haron Road.

He was dragged by two men that emerged from a silver Hyundai.

Parker is seen trying to resist the attack.

A scuffle ensues, and one of the suspects shoots him at close range.

The suspects flee the scene in the Hyundai.

While the motive for this incident is unclear, the footage suggests that it was an attempted kidnapping.

Parker’s murder has ignited a call for an effective crackdown on crime in the province.

It also comes as the number of businessmen being targeted by criminal syndicates is increasing nationally.


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