Kenyan Cult: Nearly 60 bodies recovered from a forest


[Picture: Rex / Shutterstock]

Nearly 60 bodies have been recovered from a forest in eastern Kenya, mainly from mass graves.

The bodies are believed to be that of a Christian cult from the self-proclaimed Good News International Church. Followers believed that they would go to heaven if they starved themselves.

According to the Kenyan Red Cross, 112 people have been reported missing to a tracing and counselling desk established at a local hospital. Police Chief Japhet Koome says upon visiting the mass graves, eight people were found alive and emaciated. However, they later died. So far, 29 survivors have been rescued.

Officials say that the death toll is likely to increase.

On April 14th, the cult’s leader, Paul Mackenzie was arrested following a tip-off that suggested that there were shallow graves with bodies of at least 31 of his followers.


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