Judge questions investigation process after Imam Haron’s death


Picture: Radio 786

Western Cape High Court Judge Daniel Thulare has noted several strange events that followed the death of anti-apartheid activist, Imam Abdullah Haron.

Day one of the inquest into his death has concluded in the Cape High Court.

Thulare says that its strange that the apartheid security branch members, Johannes Petrus van Wyk, otherwise known as “Spyker” and Dirk Genis had pointed out Haron’s body to the medical practitioners, and not his family.

Thulare’s observation comes as its believed that the two officers had been behind Haron’s murder, and had tried to cover it up by claiming that he had fallen down stairs at the Caledon Square police station.

The Haron case is one of several others that has been reopened due to the inefficiencies of the apartheid legal system.


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