Jenin resistance defeats Israeli designs, thwarts new attempt for dominance


The Palestinian resistance in Jenin has remained a strong shield against the Israeli attacks on the refugee camp, thwarting a new attempt by the Zionist regime to change the balance of power.

At least 14 Palestinians were matryred, over a hundred injured and thousands driven from their homes.

In keeping with its policy of indiscriminate aggression, Zionists forces targeted a local hospital’s emergency ward, firing tear gas bombs, suffocating a number of locals and disrupting the work of the medical facility.

The Palestinian resistance has for days confronted this inhumane aggression, continuing to repel the advances on the area.

One Zionist military perpetrator was killed, at least five drones brought down and several Israeli military vehicles destroyed.

What does the intense and coordinated level of resistance tell us about the resistance…

Guest: Mutee Abu Musabeh, academic and political activist in Gaza


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