Israelis panic after resistance operation


Picture: Press TV

The Zionist regime has engaged in a panicked search for the Palestinians allegedly behind an operation that claimed the lives of the three settlers in the illegal city of Elad on Thursday.

Palestinian resistance groups have meanwhile hailed the operation as heroic.

This, as the Israelis have circulated the names and photos of the youths allegedly behind the attack.

They’ve also combined forces to deploy drones and helicopters in search of the suspects.

Hamas spokesperson, Hazem Qassem says that the operation demonstrates Palestinians’ anger at the occupation’s attacks on holy sites.

Thursday’s incident follows yet another desecration of Al Aqsa mosque.

The Zionist military protected illegal settlers as they stormed the compound to mark the 74th year since the Israeli regime proclaimed its existence after a heavily-Western-backed war that expelled more than 700,000 Palestinians from their homes.

Palestinians recognize this period as the Nakba (or Catastrophe Day). Outraged by the barbarity, Palestinians have intensified their acts of resistance on Israelis.


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