Israelis force Palestinian to demolish own home


Picture: Palinfo

The Zionist policy of forcing Palestinians to demolish their own homes has once again come into play in the Al Quds town of Beit Hanina.

The Israelis claim that the homeowner, Atwan as-Salaymeh did not have a licence to build his home.

This as 11 of his family members, including children live in the house.

The Zionist regime often imposes building restrictions on Palestinian in Al Quds and making it difficult for them to obtain construction licenses.

The Israeli systemic demolition of Palestinian homes is aimed at psychologically destroying the indigenous families to force them to move from Al Quds.

This latest provocation comes as Palestinians prepare to mark the Nakba, or Catastrophe.

May 15th marks 74 years since the Zionist regime forcefully drove Palestinians from their homes in 1948.

This practice continues in different forms today.

Author and analyst, Dr Firoz Osman says that Palestine’s Arab neighbours are complicit in this occupation.

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