Israeli land theft billboards go up in Gauteng


(Picture: Supplied)

Apartheid Israel’s colonisation of Palestine is being exposed.

Digital billboards have gone up in Gauteng depicting Israel’s land theft over the past seven decades and its intensified domination of Palestine.

The campaign driven by Africa4Palestine is under the banner of “You can kill the messenger, but not the message”. A reference to the Israeli occupation forces cold blooded murder of Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Aqleh. She was assassinated while covering an Israeli attack on the Jenin refugee camp.

AFP says the billboards which are at the entrances to the Johannesburg, Sandton and Pretoria CBDs aim to make more people aware of the plight of the Palestinians and the fact that the indigenous people now live on less than 20% of their former homeland because of the Israeli occupation.

The Palestinian solidarity group also indicates that they don’t anticipate any legal action from the Zionist lobby to silence this campaign. It adds that the Israeli lobby has generally had a poor track record in winning cases against the Palestinian movement. In 2014 the Israeli lobby sought to silence a similar Palestinian campaign but failed.


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