Israeli Colonisers Trying to Decide Palestinians’ Fate


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mohammed el-kurd

The Zionist Israeli regime is once again defying international law, this time through its so-called legal system.

The fate of the Palestinian town of Sheikh Jarrah has been left in the hands of Israeli judges who also live in illegal settlements in the West Bank.

The judges have handed down judgement in the eviction of four Palestinian families in this neighbourhood.

They’re offering the Al-Kurd, Al-Qasem, Al-Ja’ouni and Skafi families a deal. It entails they be declared “protected tenants” of their own homes.

But the families, and other residents of Sheikh Jarrah want the recognition that the town is owned by Palestinians whose families have been living there for longer than the Israeli occupation existed.

Activist, Muhammad al-Kurd says that he is furious that the fate of his community is in the hands of colonisers who came to Palestine 70 years ago, and erected courthouses and prisons to subjugate Palestinians.

[Picture: Mohammed el Kurd / Twitter]

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October 17, 2021
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