Israeli caught meddling in over 30 elections, hindering democracy



A Zionist Israeli firm has been found to be manipulating dozens of elections across the world through technology.

An investigative report under the French based non-profit Forbidden Stories, fingers a former Israeli occupation military operative, Tal Hanan as the mastermind of this cyber-espionage.

In undercover video footage, Hanan who operates under the pseudonym of “Jorge” admits that his team has completed at least 33 presidential-level campaigns. He says that 27 of them have been successful. He reveals that they operate in Africa and apparently worked covertly in Nigeria’s 2015 elections.

Team Jorge hacks, sabotages, and spreads automated disinformation on social media using a piece of software called Aims. The sole aim of this is to manipulate public opinion and influence elections in various countries. Jorge is believed to be in operation for the past two decades and is said to have both corporate and political clients.

The investigation was carried out by a consortium of journalists from 30 media outlets. Forbidden Stories publishes work of journalists facing threats, prison, or murder.


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