Israel stuck while resistance advances everyday


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The world we live in is a changed one.

The forces of good and evil are clear and the designs of the oppressors are evident. But as it was before, today still it is a band of men who will remain resolute and committed to the path of God Almighty. It is they who will diligently work to overcome the plots of the evil ones.

Some may see it, others may ignore and yet still there will be those who will vehemently reject. But the Plan of God, Allah is the ultimate and so it will be fulfilled.

As the resistance in Lebanon marked Eid al-Muqawama wa Tahrir – the Celebration of the Resistance and Freedom after its defeat of the colonial expansionist plan in the year 2000 – that’s when Israeli troops were sent running out of Lebanon after years of occupation, we take a closer look at where the resistance is today.

If it is merely active in one country or is this an ideology today which is ignited in the hearts and minds of millions globally?

Guest: Professor Seif Da’na – Professor of Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Parkside


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