Israel still reeling from Iran’s slap


[Picture: Tasnim News Agency]

The Israeli terrorist entity is trying hard to threaten Iran as it reels from the military slap it was given by the Middle Eastern country.

The occupation military’s chief Herzi Halevi says they are considering their next steps but that the Iranian strike “will be met with a response.”  Reports indicate that the embattled Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has told his Likud ministers that they will respond to Iran, but they need to do it wisely and not from the gut.

He goes on to indirectly admit that the Iranian attack had put the occupation entity under severe stress. This was confirmed as the settler colonial entity needed the help of the US, UK, and Jordan to fend off the unprecedented Iranian attack, which was a retaliation to Israel’s deadly terrorist attack on its diplomatic mission in Syria; a retaliation that is in line with international law.

Since the limited Iranian attack, the Israeli regime has since been locked in several meetings to come up with a response as it has lost its strategic deterrence.


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